9th Jul 2009

Back to Work…

Back to work today…

I actually had a really great, if a little long day. I worked 12 hours 11.15 to 23.15.The first 4 or 5 hours flew past and I was really surprised when I looked at my watch and saw that it was after 4pm. I even thought my watch must be wrong at one point! After that time was a little slower but the day really did not drag which surprised me given the length of the shift.
Stuff really started to click today – I am getting the hang of grouping and I really love doing Main Grouper, I think it is a bit of a power trip but I do like the opportunity for a bit of guest interaction. I also felt a lot more confident in tower today and after 3 guest incidents that required me to call a coordinator I now understand the Nextel a lot better! I think I am also getting my head around the Thunder mentality.

I surprised myself today at my ability to read Fastpasses at speed – I managed to catch several people with Fastpasses with incorrect dates and incorrect times who had managed to get past fastpass return but I caught them at Merge – go me! I guess I can add it as a skill to my CV!

I am only working 6 hours tomorrow but it is EMH closing – I might pop to the outlets in the morning for a bit of a look around. I am hoping for quite a quiet shift – EMH has been pretty slow so far – but we shall see!

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7th Jul 2009

What’s been happening?

I have been very bad and not blogged for a few days so this covers the last 4 days.

The 4th of July was a pretty lazy day – nearly everybody else was at work. I did however move from Patterson to Chatham to a lovely new apartment with 8 roommates – 3 French, 2 Turkish, 1 Taiwanese and 1 British. They are really nice. The afternoon was spent lazing by the pool with Alice soaking up the sun and just generally relaxing. At about 5 O’Clock I decided to head to MK to see if I could manage to get in to see the 4th July fireworks. I got there at about 6 and walked in with no problem, apparantly they were not as busy as they expected to be. The fireworks were good but not as good as last year, I guess the budget had been cut and loads of the projection effects were omitted.

The 5th was my first proper shift, an EMH close until 2.45am. I found everything really difficult and needed quite a lot of help from people which was a little embarassing. Closing procedures had me taking lost propoerty to City Hall. I got very lost behind the Jungle Cruise and in the end had to come into City Hall from the front as I could not find the back door – very bad show! Although I do now know the way so if I ever have to do it again I should be fine.

The 6th was another closing shift which was pretty uneventful – I spent most of the day on Wheelchair assist – the position that brings wheelchair parties into the station and makes sure they understand the transfer procedures. At the very end of the night I was told I was grouping and was told that I needed to save a whole train for a VIP that was coming in – It turned out to be Corbin Bleu of High School Musical fame – I did not actually get to see him but apparantly he was in and out very quickly so that he would be spotted.

Today was spent at Animal Kingdom. I had spoken to Charli earlier in the week and we had said we would go today. She had her Social Security appointment this morning so in the end I headed to AK at about 11 and Charli followed on after she had woken back up at about 3. We had a fun, if wet afternoon. I got soaked to the skin and that really did not help the cough that I am slowly devleoping. Once AK closed we went to EPCOT for Illuminations. It was a really fun day although the monorail journey back to the TTC was a little bit strange. Usually it is packed after Illuminations but I think every person got a seat – clearly the monorail crash has really put people off. I am now heading to bed and intend to sleep for a very long time – hopefully it will make me feel a little better!

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