18th Jul 2009

Sleeping on Busses = Bad

Today was my super-late EMH shift. I started at 7pm and worked until 3.45am. The shift was pretty uneventful although quite fun. We were pretty busy all night and that made the time fly past.

I spoke to JD, one of my managers, and asked whether it would be possible for me to be scheduled for some Merch shifts as well since my training is still valid and he said he would look into it. I just want a little bit more guest interaction, don’t get me wrong Thunder is a lot of fun but the most I get to talk to guests is usually along the lines of ‘How many in your party?’!

About 1am JD gave me my break from Tower and while I was on break we had a non-resetable station stop on Main so the rest of the night was going to be 1 station and 3 trains since we would otherwise have had to take the ride down in order to reset main side. That was fine it just made the line a lot longer. About 30mins before the end of the night we had fun with Spur side as well but that eventually sorted itself out and we finished for the night.

I was really tired by 3.45, at that time of the morning the busses are few and far between and the next one was not until 4.30 by which time I was really tired. The bus drivers always seem to play slow, soothing music on the busses. This dire combination meant I fell asleep on the bus. I woke up to find the bus pulling OUT of Little Lake Bryan heading for Vista. To cut a long story short I had to sit at the Vista bus stop for 30 minutes while they found a bus to take me back to Chatham – embarrasing!!! Anyway I got home and slept until 2pm this afternoon. At least I had a day off today!

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16th Jul 2009

Fun Shifts!?

I have actually really enjoyed the last couple of days of work. Yesterday was meant to start with a hearing test, because Thunder is so loud Disney check all the CMs hearing to make sure it is not being damaged. However by the time I got to the testing the nurse needed to go home so I was sent back to Thunder and put into rotation 30 minutes early. Most of the day was pretty unevenetful until around 7.30 when I was in Tower and we were told to start cycling out for weather. That is fairly standard but it was my first time doing it and I was told that I did a good job – yay for me! I then went out to Greeter and was chatting to guests and telling them that we were down for weather. After a while one of our coordinators comes out and tells us there is a Tornado warning in the area (!) and she explained the evacuation procedure if it were to come our way – I was nervous to say the least. It never came but we did get a pretty cool lightning storm which kept me entertained. In the end we reopened 30 minutes before the park closed and were crazy busy until the very last minute.

Today was HOT and I mean scorching. It did not rain all day and I managed to get an outdoors position on almost every rotation. I also got to do Fastpass distribution for the first time – I think it is my new favourite position. The day was pretty average with nothing too exciting but we do have an apartment inspection tomorrow and despite my best efforts it is still a bit of a mess – I hope my roommates do some cleaning when they get home – I have done my share it is now up to them!

Working till 3.45am tomorrow but I really need to get my hair cut so might have to get up early. We shall see – I guess it depends on how late any light night eating continues tonight.

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