Assigner Training

This week was all about Assigner training - all 50 hours of it. The Assigner allocates tables to groups of people coming into the restaurant. The idea is to make sure the servers all get roughly the same number of tables and that none of them are overwhelmed with too many guests. At the same … Continue reading

First real shifts

Monday was spent at DHS with Sian and we managed to do a lot of stuff although none of the big attractions. We also managed to get in to Fantasmic which was awesome, it is the first time I have seen the show since 2008. Tuesday was my first proper shift. I had to open Greeter, which was fine … Continue reading

Seating and Greeting

On Wednesday I started training in the Pavilion. Half of us are starting on Podium, seating and greeting dining guests and half are starting in Chippie. This meant I got to wear the costume, it is really not as bad as some people make out, I have definitely had worse. The hat is a bit annoying … Continue reading
Sign saying Welcome to Epcot

Welcome to Epcot

Monday was our onboarding day and our first day at Epcot. We had an 8:30 am start where we were met by one of our Coordinators of Training (CoT), D.J., who took us to do some more eLearning including responsible vendor (alcohol service) training and training on the MATRA POS system used by … Continue reading