25th Jul 2009

An Exciting Day at Thunder

We had 2 downtimes today – 1 just as I clocked in and 1 as I came back from Lunch. I did not get to evac or reset because I was at distro for the first one and was still on break for the second one. Today was really fun, if a little hot – we have not had rain for a few days and I am really starting to feel it!

I did not get a station position until 23.00 having started at 16.30 which was a bit weird. I did end up at merge just after the parade with no merge assist to collect Fastpasses which was a little crazy and stressful and I fear that I may not have been the most kind and courteous cast member at times but I got through.

I extended until 02.15 since I decided that I could not do anything when I got home anyway and I may as well get an extra hour of pay. It paid off as well since I managed to get a lift home from another CP and avoid the madness that is the A bus in the early hours of the morning.

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24th Jul 2009

Pretty sure scheduling hates me

I worked 12 hours today! I asked for an ER and was refused. Work was not too bad – I grouped for a lot of the day. Guests seemed a little out of it and were really not very responsive which made the whole thing a little difficult. The day was pretty uneventful – no downtimes or anything exciting.

I had the secret meeting today – not going to post any details on here but ask me if you want more info…

Last night we had a McDs trip – our first in a week! It was nice to catch up with all the CRPs although I have seen a few of them at various points in the last week.

Sorry for the short post but today really was mostly uneventful.

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