13th Jul 2009

2 days – Wet n’ Wild

No I have not been visiting a rival water park. I do think the phrase accurately sums up my shifts over the last 2 days.

On the 12th I worked 13 hours. Within about an hour of arriving we went 101 for an E-Stop – we reset pretty quick and I got to track walk and evac which was lovely. It was a train full of a Brazilian Tour group so communication was difficult but we managed… Everything went pretty smoothly for the next few hours until about 4 O’Clock when the rain arrived – we were expecting a storm but just a standard afternoon storm. This came and it just did not stop raining very heavily. I was initially at Greeter and got soaked despite getting my rain gear on ASAP. I then moved inside to help keep the exits clear as at this point we were continuing to operate the ride. About 30 minutes later we started cycling out for weather and as we did so the ride started to flood causing us to go down. To cut a long story short we were down for about 2 and a half hours, which made my long shift a little easier! When we did eventually come back up we were really busy with guests coming back with Fastpasses from 3 different hours and when we hit EMH we stopped Fastpass which meant that the standby line was extremely busy.

Today was a lot more calm, only 8 hours and the although we were busy it was not too crazy. No downtimes today – so a pretty standard day. I did discover that the Mouseketeeria do a great breakfast though – it is almost worth getting up early for. Day of tomorrow – yay! – I think Alice and I may be heading to Epcot in the morning although plans are still up in the air…

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11th Jul 2009

Who is a Great Service Fanatic? Oh, me!

I thought today would be an easy shift, 6 hours including EMH, it should have been pretty quiet. I started at 8.45 and when I walked in at 8.30 we were posting an 80 minute wait – there went my thoughts of an easy shift. I ended up in spur rotation at grouper and then dispatch which were uneventful. I then went up to tower which was also quiet for the first 40 minutes of rotation – I was happy, I knew rotation was due any minute and it would probably bring my break.

This idyll was rapidly destroyed by alarms and the break down spiel. My first 101 in tower! I did remember what I needed to do but the Nextel had a flat battery so I could not call a coordinator or manager, eventually we got through on the park phone to control who called the manager who started the evac.

The evac and reset went really well and when we were done my manager, JD, asked me how many 101s in tower I had done and I replied none! I finally got my break after we were back up and when I got back from break JD gave me a GSF card for my work in tower – made my day!

The rest of my shift was pretty quiet and I did lost and found for closing – I know the way now!

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