9th Jul 2009

Back to Work…

Back to work today…

I actually had a really great, if a little long day. I worked 12 hours 11.15 to 23.15.The first 4 or 5 hours flew past and I was really surprised when I looked at my watch and saw that it was after 4pm. I even thought my watch must be wrong at one point! After that time was a little slower but the day really did not drag which surprised me given the length of the shift.
Stuff really started to click today – I am getting the hang of grouping and I really love doing Main Grouper, I think it is a bit of a power trip but I do like the opportunity for a bit of guest interaction. I also felt a lot more confident in tower today and after 3 guest incidents that required me to call a coordinator I now understand the Nextel a lot better! I think I am also getting my head around the Thunder mentality.

I surprised myself today at my ability to read Fastpasses at speed – I managed to catch several people with Fastpasses with incorrect dates and incorrect times who had managed to get past fastpass return but I caught them at Merge – go me! I guess I can add it as a skill to my CV!

I am only working 6 hours tomorrow but it is EMH closing – I might pop to the outlets in the morning for a bit of a look around. I am hoping for quite a quiet shift – EMH has been pretty slow so far – but we shall see!

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