8th May 2012

Medical Emergencies and Major Storms

On Thursday I spent most of the day stocking which was pretty uneventful as the park was very quiet. As closing stocker I also had to close Beer Cart so at 9.00 I started counting and wiping down the whole thing. A few minutes later a guest appears and asks if she can see the paramedics as she got some firework debris in her eye. I of course offered to call 911 for her, I have done this a few times in my previous program so I am quite used to the questions that they ask and had most of the answers ready. A few minutes later the paramedics arrived along with security and the park duty manager. She was quickly treated and was fine but it had put me about 20 minutes behind on getting Beer Cart closed which meant I did not get out until almost 10.30.

Emily was hosting a Beer Pong night at hers so I rushed home and got changed and went over. All of the new arrival group who arrived on Tuesday had come over, it was nice to meet them before they get to the pavilion. They seem really nice, it is crazy how often new faces arrive!

On Friday I was on EMH Chippy Tills. It got pretty busy at one point and Whitnie our manager jumped in to help fill orders. I had a horrible feeling that I had given a guest incorrect change for $100 so I was slightly stressing that my till would be out all day. When I came to bank out I got a GSF card from Mr B for efficiency on Chippy Tills. My till was not out at all but due to being pretty stressed and fairly tired after a 10+ hour shift I left my hat on a table in the Pavillion and I dropped the GSF card somewhere – whoops!

On Saturday I was off and Lesley, Sian, G and I decided to head to MK. We got the B bus from Chatham which promptly broke down at Vista which meant we had to transfer to the C bus and go via Epcot and the Monorail. It did mean I could go and pick up my hat though so nobody would ‘borrow’ it while I was off. In the end the journey from Commons to MK took almost 2 hours – got to love American Coach sometimes! We did loads in MK and none of the wait times were too terrible, we then jumped over to Hollywood Studios where we did Coaster and Tower before deciding to call it a night. The evening involved a standard pizza evening at Lesley’s – I am pretty sure security are starting to think I am a pizza addict since I am almost always the one that goes to pick up the pizza!

Sunday was my first Beer Cart shift. Everybody loves Beer Cart but I am not a massive fan – I just find it a bit boring to be honest. Having said that about an hour before we closed things got quite exciting. A storm was approaching but nobody had told me to close so I stayed out and serving Beer. With very little notice a very powerful squall came in with high winds and driving rain. It lifted the display bottles and smashed them on the floor, it took all the beer cups and blew them across the street and lifted my receipt folder and blew a lot of my receipts away. I did not have time to get my raingear on so I was soaked. Once the storm had passed it took a little while to get everything cleaned up before I could re-open again. When I went to bank out in the evening I had to explain to Janet what had happened to my receipts – I felt really bad as I like to think I try and make her job as easy as possible but this time I had made it very difficult.

After work Craig, G and I met Sam and Bailey at Cast Services and Sam droves us to Downtown Disney to go to Ghirardellis for Ice Cream. We get a 20% discount which makes a Sundae about $8 – I had a hot fudge Sundae, it was amazing although it did give me a massive sugar rush. I got an early night as I had my first opening shift the next day – I am finally getting to the point where my seniority means I am not always closing. The new schedule also came out on Sunday and next week I am doing Assigner training which means a 50 hour week – I am really looking forward to it and the overtime will not be too bad either.

I was opening Chippy and was meant to be on an 11 – 6 shift and then had tentative plans to go to Starlit Splash, a cast only party at Typhoon Lagoon but during the afternoon the rain arrived and I decided I would not go and offered to extend. In the list of things I have left in places this week I also need to add my credit card in Sam’s car – it must have fallen out on the way back from Downtown, I am really not doing very well at the moment, I blame tiredness. In the end I worked until close – an 11 hour shift. I was pretty tired when I got home and just crashed out.

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