18th Apr 2012

First Month Complete

I can’t believe I have been here a month already!

I was off Thursday and Friday last week. On Thursday I spent most of the day just bumming around doing laundry, shopping and other essentials. In the evening we all went to MK since it was open really late. Lesley’s Canadian roommate Jaci also joined us. It was a lot of fun and although the park was quite busy we managed to do quite a lot. We of course watched Wishes and I took my camera out for the first time since I got here and got some quite nice fireworks photos, they are not perfect yet but I have 11 months to get better!

On Friday I went with Geraint to Animal Kingdom which was basically empty. We rode Everest with a 20 minute wait and Dinosaur was a walk on. I also showed Geraint the Finding Nemo musical which he had not seen before. In the evening we were all a bit tired so we just went to McDonalds near the outlets for a chat and some munch. Emily and I then went to Lesley’s apartment for a few hours to chill.

I was back in Chippy on Saturday which was pretty uneventful apart from the screens stopping working which meant we had to fill orders one at a time while checking receipts which made the day go pretty quick. After work we all went to Lesley’s again to chill out with some Dominos pizza – nom!

On Sunday I finally had another Podium shift. It was pretty uneventful since we are quite quiet now that Spring Break is coming to an end. I made sure to get an early night and not go to HOB since I had 10.5 hours of Beer Cart/Stocket training the next day. Once we got back to Commons I dashed back to my apartment to get changed and then it was another trip to McDonalds where we met Dave who we realised was going to be my trainer.

I arrived for my training shift at 11 and Dave trained me for about 3 hours on Beer Cart which is really quite fun. You only have a very small number of products so it is not too difficult. Dave also taught me a few pouring tricks which make the whole thing a little easier. Dave had to break the assigner for a few hours so Charlotte trained me on Stocker for a while. Everyone complains about Stocker since it is hard physical work and you have lots of people calling for you to do things. I actually quite enjoyed it. I then went on my break and when I came back Dave had to go on his so I had to do Stocker on my own for a while. It is the Stocker’s job to change the kegs for the bar which is not really that difficult, you just life a handle and twist but if you don’t life the handle all the way you get sprayed with beer. It was a bit daunting at first but once I got into it I felt a lot better and I only got sprayed with beer once – whoops! In the evening I went back to LADS again and we met the Norwegian girls.

Tuesday it was back to Chippy and since we were relatively quiet it was just 2 Chippy tills doing filling as well. This made the day very hard work but it went really quickly. The only bad thing was that Craig and I needed to get away to go to Jellyrolls with the gang and since we were short of people we did not get to bank out until after 9 which meant it was almost 10 before we finished closing Chippy. We still had plenty of time though since the girls were meeting us at the Boardwalk and their bus was stuck in traffic – we ended up sitting on a bench in the Boardwalk for over an hour waiting for them to arrive. Jellyrolls was lots of fun as always and now I have 2 days off with no specific plans yet although I am sure some park visits will be involved!

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