10th Jun 2012

Becoming a Disney Trainer and a drowned rat

On Sunday I took a shift from Janet (our permanent assigner) which was one of my best assigning shifts so far. We had a really good day with no rain at all and so lower deck was open all the way through. That meant that I managed to get pretty good numbers of guests in the restaurant throughout the day.

On Monday morning I got up early to get in to work for 8am to do my ‘Train The Trainer’ class to officially become a Disney Trainer. The first part was e-learning about the expectations of a Disney trainer and tips and techniques to help teach people with different styles of learning. The second part was practical and we had to practice teaching each other something new. At the end of it all we got our Jiminy Cricket pins which you can only get once you have completed the class. I have waited a long time to become a trainer so I have to admit I got a little bit excited! After the class I was on podium for 3 hours before I went home at 1430 which was my earliest finish ever. I spent the afternoon mostly chilling out and getting some food. I went to Lads in the evening which was pretty messy but lots of fun.

On Tuesday I had an 11 hour extra magic shift in Chippy. I was filling all day long and the air conditioning had failed so it was like working in a Sauna. We had some great people on registers so we got through and I had a pretty good if knackering day.

On Wednesday I woke up to heavy rain and was heading in for another 10 hours of Chippy filling. When it rains Chippy tends to be a little quieter so that was some relief. By the end of the day I was a little delirious with tiredness and coming home to discover I had basically no food in the house was not the best. I ended up walking over to McDonalds where I came across Leon and Rosie who were already there. We sat and chatted for a while before heading home for an early night (by CRP terms).

I had a nice late start on Thursday, podium 1430 to close. I should have got up and gone food shopping but instead I had a lie in and wandered over to the outlets to get a Subway. When I got to work it started raining and it did not stop for the rest of the night. I was greeter for most of the day and it went pretty quick as we were quite busy. I also found out that I might be able to do GT training as well which was quite nice – I should hopefully find out for definite in the next few days.

Friday I was back to assigning and I had a really good lunch where we got lots of walk ins and t he restaurant was nice and busy. The evening was not so great with lots of big parties sitting for ages and keeping the numbers down a bit. I came home totally exhausted from a 6th day of work but Sam, Emily, Lesley and G were playing sports on the Tennis court so I headed down and joined in as best I could with my legs in massive pain.

Saturday was the last day of my 7 day week and I was in theory on podium. In reality I did a few hours of seating before getting Dave’s break as the Assigner and then breaking Craig as the stocker. Just as I took over from Craig a massive storm started with torrential rain, hail and lightning. We had to close Beer Cart and I got absolutely soaked to the skin, despite wearing rain gear, while trying to put the cover on. At the same time all the Guinness kegs ran out in the bar which meant I also had to run through the rain to get them sorted out. Luckily I finished about 15 minutes later and could go and get changed in Cast Services before heading for a few hours in MK with Sophie Clarke. We did all the standard stuff and she even managed to persuade me to go on It’s A Small World! When we got back I got the standard text from Dave inviting me to McDonalds which of course I went to! I had planned to go to Cowboys but I was destroyed after my 7 day week and an early night was very needed, plus I was not feeling too great either – not sure if it was the food or just life catching up with me!

Today I got up early to get my hair cut and then went over to Epcot to pick up a costume for my service class at Disney University tomorrow. This evening is the last Hyperspace Hoopla of Star Wars Weekends so I am going there a bit later and a few people are going to meet me over there straight from work. The schedule for the next 2 weeks also came out today and I am working 12 days straight until I get another day off so I am making the most of this one. I do get to train some of the newbies this week though which I am very excited about – I have not even managed to meet them yet!

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