12th Apr 2012

Fish, Chips and Duelling Pianos

My day off on Saturday started with a trip to get my hair cut in the MK Tunnels. Not the best haircut I have ever got but at $10 it is hard to complain! I also went to Walgreens to pick up a very strong cough remedy which worked pretty well and was much stronger than anything you can buy in the UK, drugs here are expensive though so it cost me about $15 for 2 days worth of dose. On the long walk back to block 28 I bumped into Geraint who was also off and we decided to head to DHS in the afternoon. We managed quite a lot including RnR from the Single Rider Line where we actually got to ride together with just a 20 minute wait – I love it when that happens.

On Sunday and Monday it was back to Chippy training with Sophie and Dave. It is quite easy once you get the hang of it and to be perfectly honest we have not been that busy considering it is still technically spring break. I did have a minor scare when I came to bank out on Monday when my till was massively out but it turned out I had forgotten to include the wrapped stack of 100 $1 bills Рsilly me!

On Monday night I went to my first UK Lads. I was very undecided about going until the very last minute but thought I should probably give it a try. Despite the rumours and stories I had a great night and it was a brilliant chance to meet people but what happens at Lads stays at Lads so that is as much detail as you are going to get here! I would however say to anyone coming out that you should give it a try, ignore the hype and the rumours and try it once before you make up your mind.

On Tuesday was back to Chippy early (feeling very little ill effects of the night before) and opening on my own. I think I got most of it right but because the paperwork wasn’t ready when I went down I forgot to grab a clipboard and a radio – lesson learned for the future though. I got pulled to seating for the end of the shift and spent most of the time bussing tables for Janet – I feel like I am getting faster at bussing which is nice and Janet seemed to be appreciative of my efforts.

After work Canadian Sam drove Craig, Emily, Sian and I to the Boardwalk to go to Jellyrolls. It is a piano bar with duelling pianos that take requests and can pretty much play anything you want. To make a request you just write the song on a napkin and wrap a tip in it and then place it on the bar – we only made one request and we did not get it this time! We get in for free with Disney ID and the drinks are pretty reasonable. I had a fantastic night and will definitely be back again.

Wednesday was back to Chippy again and we actually got quite busy towards the end of the day. It was my first proper long run on Chippy Tills on my own and at the end of the day I was only 20c out on a fairly hefty total which I was pretty pleased about.

I came home on the bus with Fiona, Katy, Katie, Sarah and Geraint. We originally planned to walk to Longhorns to get food but once we got there it was already closed so we walked back to Commons, got changed and called Kojak (Orlando’s friendliest taxi) to take us to TGIs at Crossroads. I had their 3 for $16.99 deal which is pretty cheap for what you get.

Off for the next few days and no specific plans yet although Corin has just sent me a message with just the word ‘Pool’ – that is always a good plan!

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