23rd Jun 2009

Where are you going to be working?

This morning began at the commons for all the signing-on paperwork. It was not the most interesting but of course very important. That was followed by the immigration compliance talk which was as fun as always. Exciting changes have happened to do qith pay, instead of getting a paycheck we now get a debit card which is charged up to the appropriate value every Thursday – no more cashing paychecks – yay!

I had a break for a few hours and then it was over to Vista for the all important role information. After going.through all of the paperwork stations I finally got to the location station. AND… I am going to be working in Frontierland attractions! Apparantly I may get trained for more than one attraction in the area, which would be nice.

In terms if the next few days, I have Traditions tomorrow afternoon and park orientation at 7am (!) on Thursday. After that my schedule just says ‘Refer to local schedule’, so I guess I will find out on Thursday.

This evening we went to Downtown again and just chilled out – I can’t wait to get my ID so I can go to the parks!

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