22nd Jun 2009

The day of 2 Downtowns

This morning began bright and early with a housing meeting at the Commons consisting of the usual presentation of rules and procedures. I popped back to Patterson for a bit of lunch and then headed over to Vista Way for Check-in. They have really improved the sytem from last year and I was in and out in half an hour. Alice and Rachel were half an hour after me so I decided to wait for them so we could head back on the bus together. Earlier in the day we had decided we would head to DTD – we headed back to Chatham and picked an F bus, Luke came over to Chatham and we headed out.

Yesterday was HOT and I mean scorching. We spent thee afternoon jumping between airconditioned stores and places that sold water. Alice needed to buy a pillow which resulted in my first trip to World of Disney for the summer – fun times! We were originally going to go for dinner at about 6.30 but by 5.00 we were all hungry and we went over to Planet Hollywood where we were seated straight away. We had a lovely meal and then headed pack to Chatham for a quick swim. It was so nice to cool off after such an unbearably hot day. I got back to my apartment at about 9 and turned on my laptop and immediately got a message from Kevin asking if I wanted to join them going to Downtown! I had no plans for the evening so I thought why not!

Another quick trip on the F bus and I was back at DTD with Kevin and Robyn. My second dinner of the evening, admitedly just French fries, was from Wolfgang Puck express and was none too shabby. We then headed over to the marketplace where I was introduced to the basin and it magical hand scrub – all I will say is if you have not tried it, you have no idea what you are missing out on! Then it was time for Ice Cream. We sat chatting for ages and then headed home. I have to be at the Commons at 8.30 so I needed a fairly early night.

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