ICP 2009

1st Aug 2009

The KC Hollister Experience

Day off no 2…

There was a vague plan that Kev, Lou and I might head to the Florida Mall at some point today but nothing was firrm. I had to head to the studios to sort out some MATRA stuff so that I can pick up merch shifts. That did not take long and I headed back to housing. I decided to stop at the Commons and head to the Premium Outlets. I got 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of trainers and 10 t-shirts in under an hour and at pretty reasonable cost… I was impressed!

I got back to Chatham to discover the others had not left yet. We went over to Patterson to use the ATM but it was down so a detour back to Chatham was required. It wad then the I-ride plus a taxi to the Florida Mall. After a stop for some food we headed to Hollister so that Kev could ‘rape’ it’s stock – his words not mine! Lou and I had somewhat under-appreciated the extent of the obsession. I made the mistake of offering to hold the selected clothes – my right arm still has not recovered! It was quite possibly one of the funniest shopping expeditions of my life and was roundwd off by a taxi on the way home accompanied by crazy Christian talk radio!

Graduation was at Mickey’s Retreat despite the rain. It was almost identical to last year and not the best but I got my ears and my picture with the boss! It was them over to the Commons for a Pizza Party with Robyn, Lou and Kev. Papa Johns screwed up and it took almost 2 hours for us to recieve the wrong pizza bit it was free in the end so I guess I can’t really complain! We left just before 1 and I went to bed in order to be up for my 12 hour shift.

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30th Jul 2009

Awesome Day!

Today I remembered why I am here! Alice and I started the morning in DHS – fastpass for Tower and then GMR to watch Kev’s show – it was sooo good despite all kinds of problems nothing to do with him – we promised we will be back to see a perfect show! After Tower we went to watch Playhouse Disney Live on Stage which I had never seen – a group of kids plus 2 20 year-olds – much fun for all involved! We then went for a picture with Mickey at Animation Courtyard which was fun even if Mickey did take about a million breaks while we were in line!

We then headed to MK with no real idea of what we wanted to do… On the way we decied to stop at the Grand Floridian to see if Luke was working. I had never been inside before and I loved it! I really want to stay there at some point. We wandered around for a while and could not find Luke so we sat in the lobby and ate a Rice Crispie treat and just enjoyed the AC and the surroundings for a while. When we got bored we continued on to MK…

We did Pirates, got some food, did the Carousel of Progress (one of Alice’s favourites apparently!) and then noticed it was about to rain so we went to do Stitch thinking it was long and inside. We came out and it was pouring accompanied by a rather spectacular storm. We decided to chill out under the cover of the store at the end of the attraction and wait for the storm to pass. While we were waiting the standing water was starting to rise and got to about 2 or 3 inches. We then noticed an MK manager who we assumed was a custodial manager standing in the pouring rain trying to keep the drains clear so that the water could flow away. He stood out there with no rain gear for over 30 minutes in torrential rain and lightning which was hitting the Astro Orbiter feet away. We were impressed – definitely going ‘Above and Beyond’. Another manager was nearby and started chatting to us and told us that the man’s name. After the storm was over we rode Buzz and then went to Guest Relations so that we could fill out a GSF card for the manager – definitely a true Disney moment!

After the storm passed the rain continued and Spectro was cancelled so we rode Small World and Peter Pan before watching a delayed Wishes from the Train Station on Main St which actually gives a surprisingly good view!

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