Days Off

7th Jul 2009

What’s been happening?

I have been very bad and not blogged for a few days so this covers the last 4 days.

The 4th of July was a pretty lazy day – nearly everybody else was at work. I did however move from Patterson to Chatham to a lovely new apartment with 8 roommates – 3 French, 2 Turkish, 1 Taiwanese and 1 British. They are really nice. The afternoon was spent lazing by the pool with Alice soaking up the sun and just generally relaxing. At about 5 O’Clock I decided to head to MK to see if I could manage to get in to see the 4th July fireworks. I got there at about 6 and walked in with no problem, apparantly they were not as busy as they expected to be. The fireworks were good but not as good as last year, I guess the budget had been cut and loads of the projection effects were omitted.

The 5th was my first proper shift, an EMH close until 2.45am. I found everything really difficult and needed quite a lot of help from people which was a little embarassing. Closing procedures had me taking lost propoerty to City Hall. I got very lost behind the Jungle Cruise and in the end had to come into City Hall from the front as I could not find the back door – very bad show! Although I do now know the way so if I ever have to do it again I should be fine.

The 6th was another closing shift which was pretty uneventful – I spent most of the day on Wheelchair assist – the position that brings wheelchair parties into the station and makes sure they understand the transfer procedures. At the very end of the night I was told I was grouping and was told that I needed to save a whole train for a VIP that was coming in – It turned out to be Corbin Bleu of High School Musical fame – I did not actually get to see him but apparantly he was in and out very quickly so that he would be spotted.

Today was spent at Animal Kingdom. I had spoken to Charli earlier in the week and we had said we would go today. She had her Social Security appointment this morning so in the end I headed to AK at about 11 and Charli followed on after she had woken back up at about 3. We had a fun, if wet afternoon. I got soaked to the skin and that really did not help the cough that I am slowly devleoping. Once AK closed we went to EPCOT for Illuminations. It was a really fun day although the monorail journey back to the TTC was a little bit strange. Usually it is packed after Illuminations but I think every person got a seat – clearly the monorail crash has really put people off. I am now heading to bed and intend to sleep for a very long time – hopefully it will make me feel a little better!

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3rd Jul 2009

A magical day at the Magic Kingdom

This morning was a little weird. I woke up at 8.30 instead of 10 because I had forgotten to change my alarm. I had a shower and thought I might as well turn on my laptop to see what was happening. Alice popped up to say she was awake because her alarm had also not been changed – fate?

Anyway we headed out to MK earlier than planned and actually managed to get loads done. The only major ride we did not do was Splash and that was more because I did not want to get my camera wet than because the line was too long. Lunch was at Pinocchio’s and Dinner at Columbia Harbor House – healthy, I know! We got a position for the fireworks at about 7 but in the end decided not to stay because it was getting quite unpleasant where we were sitting, I had seen them before and Alice was not too bothered to see them anyway!

The bus home was really nice, unlike the ones post-fireworks which were apparently really busy and required people to wait hours just to get on let alone get home.

I kind of wish I was working the 4th because I think I am one of the only people that is off and therefore I don’t think going to a park tomorrow is actually going to happen! Back to work on Sunday – it is going to be a little crazy, especially since I am on EMH until 2.45!

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