Days Off

19th Jul 2009

Day of Relaxation

Today I woke up at 2pm – went to Wal*Mart to buy some socks for work (Exciting I know!). While I was there I got a text from Charli asking if I wanted to go to Harry Potter. All of the others had work that day and did not finish until about 10 but there was a 10.30 screening so that was perfect. I headed to DTD at about 8 and met up with Alex who was shopping and we wandered around the stores for a while eventually Charli and Rachel arrived from work and we went to see the movie. It was not as bad as I expected and we had a fun night. I was home by about 2 and headed straight to bed.

Not the most exciting day off ever but given how tired I was it was just what was needed!

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15th Jul 2009

Epcot Funday….

The original plan for today was to head to Typhoon Lagoon with all of the BA2037 clan at about 2pm. Alice and I decided we would head to Epcot early so that we could do Soarin‘ and all the fun stuff, Alice had not been yet.

We had a fun morning – we got Fastpasses for Soarin‘, did a load of World Showcase, got Fastpasses for Test Track and did Ellen’s Energy Adventure. We did the Piggybank adventure at Innoventions which was so much fun – definitely going back! We went and did Soarin‘ – middle of the front row – Awesome! I then remembered that Kevin had said that he and the girls had reservation for Le Cellier and sent him a text to find out if they were hanging about. While waiting for a reply we headed to the Refreshment Port to grab some food. Kev rang me back and then wandered out to see us since we were just down the road from Canada. They went back to finish desert while Alice and I killed time. When they were done they came out and the girls headed to Cast Services to dump their stuff while Kevin, Alice and I chilled in the Canada store. Alice decided to try the perfumes on me leading to much hilarity – mainly on their part!

I then got my first taste of O Canada – was pretty funny but that might have been due to the company rather than the attraction.We then headed back to Future World where we used our Test Track Fastpasses and they used their SoarinFastpasses. After we were done we met back up at Ellen to do it all over again! We met up with a couple of girls who Kev works with at GMR. Once we were done Robyn decided to head home and we went to do Kim Possible – we did UK and Mexico. After Mexico Kev and Lou wanted Alcohol so we headed to Mexico before the America Gardens Theatre for a Billy Joel tribute. We moved on after we got complaints about our talking!

Illuminations was amazing tonight – great company and somehow it just seemed a little more magical! I tried to get a ticket for Harry Potter but failed so think I might just get an early night.

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