28th Mar 2012

Welcome to Epcot

Sign saying Welcome to Epcot

Monday was our onboarding day and our first day at Epcot. We had an 8:30 am start where we were met by one of our Coordinators of Training (CoT), D.J., who took us to do some more eLearning including responsible vendor (alcohol service) training and training on the MATRA POS system used by the cash registers. Once again I managed to avoid a few of the classes as they were still on my record from 2009.

For Lunch we met up with the Canadians who had done their Discovery Day (Epcot orientation) that morning. D.J. went far above and beyond telling us a few tales about previous CRP experiences and even offering to help us out if we ever found ourselves in a bit of a bind. He is a really nice guy.

After Lunch we walked over to the UK to meet with Whitnie, one of the UK F&B managers. She welcomed us to the Pavilion and took us through policies and procedures and gave a quick introduction to what is expected of us and how the next few months will look. We even got some free Fish & Chips for lunch!

After we were done for the day we all trekked back to the Commons on the C bus and got changed before dashing to Hollywood Studios for a few hours. We managed to do the new Star Tours, first time for me – very impressed and Tower of Terror. We were going to watch Fantasmic but the line, even for the late show, was insane so we decided to give it a miss. Plus we also had another 6am wake-up the next morning to consider.

Tuesday was an even earlier start at 8am for Discovery Day. This started with a presentation on the history of Epcot and then we had a walking tour of the Future World including a chance to ride Spaceship Earth. For World Showcase we transferred to a boat tour to cut the walking. It was a really interesting morning and a really nice way to learn the park, even if I did have sore feet at the end of it.

For the afternoon we were met by Anna who is the UK Pavilion CoT. She took us to Lunch and then on a tour of the UK Pavilion. It is big! I can now tell you where a lot of things are but I am pretty sure I am still going to get lost in there. We also met our other managers, Jack and Joe as well as one of our Coordinators. We finished the day with paperwork.

I am training on seating this evening with Sophie as my trainer which means I have had a really nice lie-in and I feel amazing for it – looking forward to getting started now.

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