28th Jan 2012

Disney Luggage

In my last post I mentioned that I had ordered some luggage online. It turns out that I think I got a really good deal.

I have a number of requirements for my Disney luggage, the first is that it must be lightweight. I only get a 23kg allowance per bag and I really don’t want to lose 4 or 5 kilos to a heavy bag. This meant that it had to be soft sided – requirement number 1.

Requirement 2 was that it had to pull along on wheels. I tried a bag with no wheels when I went away with my family at Christmas and it was totally impractical. Especially if I am going to take 2 bags it would just be impossible.Requirement 3 was that it had to be large enough to fit my stuff but not too large that I could not manage to manoeuvre it on my own – also, as far as possible, I would rather not arrive at Disney looking like a refugee!

I imagined these requirements would be easy to manage but apparently not! As I said in my last post, I tried the EastPak shop in the west end who did not have what I was looking for but suggested I look online.When I got home I spent some time measuring how big a bag I think I need and looking what was available. I came across the EastPak warehouse bag (the one in the picture) which seemed just the trick. A quick google told me Amazon had it on special offer at less than £40 – but only in a slightly sickly looking brown colour – I am not really someone who takes style too seriously so I was more than happy to get a half price bag in a slightly dodgy colour.

I got an even better surprise when I went to pay and discovered that I got an extra 10% off clothes (which these bags qualify as?!) so the whole lot came to less than £70 – a bargain if I say so myself. I ordered 2 since the price seemed too good to be true (plus there were free returns anyway!) and they arrived a few days later. They might not be the most pretty but I think they will do the job just fine.

My Luggage Recommendations

After my last post I got a few questions asking about my recommendations for luggage. The biggest question seems to be one bag or two – I would  say most people can manage with one bag for an ICP but I think I will probably be going with two for the CRP but as ever I will keep you informed. The most important thing is that whatever you take you can manage to move it on your own, at Orlando airport you have to get your bags all the way from Baggage reclaim to a shuttle or taxi and when you arrive at housing you may have to get it up two flights of stairs without a lift (or anyone to help) – my recommendation is something on wheels. The other consideration is that you will have to store it for months in your room – the easiest way is under your bed which means a soft bag is best as it collapses nice and small – hard luggage is a little more difficult. I think my latest purchase manages all of these.

In other news

My visa documents arrived on Thursday and I have booked an embassy appointment and started completing the forms. More details in a future post including the usual brand of Dan@Disney advice.

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