10th May 2009

Disney ICP Packing Guide


Right, a number of people have asked for some advice about packing, what to pack? What to pack it in? And how much to take?

The first thing I would say is take a look at my 10 tips post for some ideas of things to make sure you have in your case but here are some more tips…

Tip 1: You are going for a summer, not a lifetime
Yes, you will be there for at least 9 weeks but remember that for most of that time you will be wearing a Disney supplied costume. You have access to very good Laundry facilities at all of the housing complexes and you have a fair amount of time each week to be able to do some washing. I would suggest that 2 weeks worth of clothes is more than enough.

Tip 2: Check your allowances, Leave some space
Make sure you know how much luggage you are allowed to take and make sure your bags are well within the limit. Don’t forget that you will probably buy a huge quantity of souvenirs and clothes and other purchases while you are out there, all of which you will have to get back. If you keep well below your limit on the way out, you will probably be just about all right on the way back!

Tip 3: To Bed or not to Bed that is the question…
Whether or not to take bedding with you is one of the most difficult problems when you are packing. Personally I took sheets but not duvets, blankets or pillows last year. I managed to get to Wal-Mart on the evening I arrived and bought sheets and bedding at ridiculously low prices. My plan was that if I did not manage to get to Wal-Mart that night I could manage with just some sheets for a night until I could get bedding the next day. It is up to you but bedding is very heavy and the limits are not that high…

Tip 4: Remember where you are going
It will likely be over 90 degrees during the day and warm well into the evening but remember that inside can often be quite chilly due to the Air Conditioning. This is especially true in the Apartments where AC wars are common. I would recommend a sweatshirt or 2 just in case you end up living with an arctic-loving roommate!

Tip 5: 1 Bag or 2
You have to get your bag thousands of miles around the world. I would recommend taking a single large bag rather than 2 smaller ones, it is easier to cope with when you have to get through the airport. You might like to take a small duffel bag that will squash down into your case to give you extra space to bring stuff back home at the end of your program. Either that or you can easily buy a bag at many of the outlet stores in the Orlando area.

Good luck with packing!

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