14th Nov 2008

Disney ICP F2F Interview Tips

OK most of this is common sense but here we go anyway…I have done 2 of them so I will try and point out the areas where people tend to go wrong!

1. Dress Appropriately

American companies take appearance very seriously and none more so than Disney. Whenthey say business dress they mean business dress. Take a look at the ‘Disney Look’ information on both the College Program and the International Program websites. Guys – Make sure you are clean shaven, facial hair other than a fully grown moustache is a big no. Girls – check the requirements for Jewellery and hair style, although you don’t have to be ‘Disney Look’ for the interview it definitely helps.
2. Have all the correct documents
Make sure you have everything that you have been asked to bring and that it is all signed necessary – also make sure you know when you are available, there will be multiple dates and they will want to know when you are free, check exam timetables and term dates so that you know the answer – it will give a very good impression that you are keen to get the job.
3. It is all about the guests
The most serious place people go wrong is they forget that this is a job interview to work for the company with the best guest service in the world. Nothing is more important than the guests leaving happy at the end of the day. Remember – this is a job interview – everything else about the experience is secondary.
4. Do your research
There are hundreds of sites and blogs about the College Program. Take a look at a few and find out what roles interest you and where you might like to work. Showing knowledge of the resort and the roles will show that you know what you are applying for and if you express a specific choice of work location it can only help in securing it. The recruiters take on board what you say so make sure you are keen and knowledgeable and with a bit of pixie dust you should sail through the interview.
5. Talk to the other interviewees
Remember you wil be interviewed in a group of 2 or 3 and those people will be the people you are sitting with while you wait. Get to know them – that way when you go in to the interview you will be a lot more relaxed and a lot more natural. Also if you get to Orlando these people could be your best friends – get to know them early and you can chat for months beforehand and make friends for life – I know I did….
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