ICP 2009

20th Jul 2009

Back to Work…

My shift today was 13.00 – 22.15 which nicely avoided the EMH until 3am. Yay! Maybe somebody in scheduling actually likes me…

My shift was pretty boring – a lot of Main side rotation which I enjoy but nothing too exciting. I got quite a bit of Fastpass distribution which I think is my new favourite position – it gives a chance for loads of guest interaction and even when it is busy it does not get too crazy. I was originally going to extend but then realised that I am back in at 9am and would quite like a good night’s sleep tonight so that I can make the most of my next 2 days off!

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19th Jul 2009

Day of Relaxation

Today I woke up at 2pm – went to Wal*Mart to buy some socks for work (Exciting I know!). While I was there I got a text from Charli asking if I wanted to go to Harry Potter. All of the others had work that day and did not finish until about 10 but there was a 10.30 screening so that was perfect. I headed to DTD at about 8 and met up with Alex who was shopping and we wandered around the stores for a while eventually Charli and Rachel arrived from work and we went to see the movie. It was not as bad as I expected and we had a fun night. I was home by about 2 and headed straight to bed.

Not the most exciting day off ever but given how tired I was it was just what was needed!

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