ICP 2009

11th Jul 2009

Who is a Great Service Fanatic? Oh, me!

I thought today would be an easy shift, 6 hours including EMH, it should have been pretty quiet. I started at 8.45 and when I walked in at 8.30 we were posting an 80 minute wait – there went my thoughts of an easy shift. I ended up in spur rotation at grouper and then dispatch which were uneventful. I then went up to tower which was also quiet for the first 40 minutes of rotation – I was happy, I knew rotation was due any minute and it would probably bring my break.

This idyll was rapidly destroyed by alarms and the break down spiel. My first 101 in tower! I did remember what I needed to do but the Nextel had a flat battery so I could not call a coordinator or manager, eventually we got through on the park phone to control who called the manager who started the evac.

The evac and reset went really well and when we were done my manager, JD, asked me how many 101s in tower I had done and I replied none! I finally got my break after we were back up and when I got back from break JD gave me a GSF card for my work in tower – made my day!

The rest of my shift was pretty quiet and I did lost and found for closing – I know the way now!

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9th Jul 2009

Back to Work…

Back to work today…

I actually had a really great, if a little long day. I worked 12 hours 11.15 to 23.15.The first 4 or 5 hours flew past and I was really surprised when I looked at my watch and saw that it was after 4pm. I even thought my watch must be wrong at one point! After that time was a little slower but the day really did not drag which surprised me given the length of the shift.
Stuff really started to click today – I am getting the hang of grouping and I really love doing Main Grouper, I think it is a bit of a power trip but I do like the opportunity for a bit of guest interaction. I also felt a lot more confident in tower today and after 3 guest incidents that required me to call a coordinator I now understand the Nextel a lot better! I think I am also getting my head around the Thunder mentality.

I surprised myself today at my ability to read Fastpasses at speed – I managed to catch several people with Fastpasses with incorrect dates and incorrect times who had managed to get past fastpass return but I caught them at Merge – go me! I guess I can add it as a skill to my CV!

I am only working 6 hours tomorrow but it is EMH closing – I might pop to the outlets in the morning for a bit of a look around. I am hoping for quite a quiet shift – EMH has been pretty slow so far – but we shall see!

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