2nd Jun 2012

Two slightly weird weeks

It has been 2 weeks since my last post – whoops! Life got a bit hectic recently and I have not really had time to post but here is the edited highlights.

On the first Monday I had my first ever early finish at 1815 and after going home and chilling out I went to Lads and had a really fun night. It was all great until the last 10 minutes when we came back through security and there was a bit of an incident with one of the Lads and security which to cut a long story short resulted in him being terminated. It is gutting to see great people go home like that. On Tuesday after work we all went out to Buffalo Wild Wings r for a last send off.

Wednesday I was back on podium and spent most of the day on greeter which was pretty uneventful as the parks are generally quite quiet at the moment. In the evening it was back to Emil’s for Beer Pong – it is now becoming a regular feature! I left fairly early and did not drink nearly as much as last time as I was had my first Assigning shift the next day and wanted to be on top form. To top things off I had also signed up for an focus group run by the programs office at 8am (!) the next morning which meant I had to wake up at 7.

I was awake bright and early on Thursday and made my way over to Chatham where I got to meet the general manager of the Boardwalk resort and Housing operations who asked us a lot of questions about our thoughts on the program and whether we had any suggestions for improvements. My big one was that there needs to be more information on future opportunities within the company for international participants in a similar way that it is made available to the domestic college program students. He seemed to be really interested in what we had to say and I hope the department will take on board our comments to make the program even better in the future.

On Saturday I picked up a 6th day working Laura’s Beer Cart shift. It was pretty quiet for most of the day so it was not too difficult and I finished at 1800 which was my earliest finish ever! I met Jaci on the bus on the way home and just as we got onto South International Drive it promptly broke down. We waited on the side of the road for about 10 minutes before we were rescued by another bus that was passing – it was really hot as well so I arrived home a sweaty, disgusting mess! Basically the whole pavilion was heading to Cowboys that night but I was dying after my first assigning shift and a 6 day week and decided I had to give it a miss.

Sunday was my only day off and a whole bunch of us headed out early to Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekends – we saw 2 of the shows which included a behind the scenes look at Star Wars: The Clone Wars and a show by voice actor James Arnold Taylor where he showed how versatile his voice was. It was an amazing show which included over 150 different voices and was hilarious – I would say everyone who goes to SWW should go and see it although getting in line early is a must. They recommend at least 45 minutes to be sure of a seat. In the evening we saw the Hoopla again and this time I had my good camera with me and got some really nice pictures (the best ones are below).

Monday was Memorial Day which is a public holiday here so we got paid extra. We get 8 hours pay anyway, whether we work or not, plus if we do work we get our regular pay and any overtime is paid double. I was on a 10 hour Chippy shift so I ended up getting 18 hours pay for that day alone. I love holidays that I don’t even celebrate!

Tuesday and Wednesday were on podium and were pretty uneventful. Thursday night we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings for cheap drinks and good times for Bailey’s birthday. Once again I had to call it an early (ish) night as I was assigning again the next day.

Assigning on Friday was hellish. It did not stop raining for the entirety of Lunch and most of Dinner which meant the park was pretty empty and filling the restaurant was very difficult. Assigning is a lot about keeping lots of different people happy – guests, servers, chefs and managers – on Friday all of these were unhappy at one point or another which was not a good thing. I was just pretty glad when the day was over to be honest. After work we went for a McDonald’s which I really needed and then came back to Commons to meet up with Bailey and the girls who were having drinks and Chinese for her actual Birthday.

Today was another early start to get to the Pavilion for 10am for a photograph to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee. We then had a bit fo a backstage party with cake and free food. I left about 12 and came back to the Commons as I had to move apartments. Luckily it was just downstairs from my old apartment and I was done in about an hour.

Due to the lack of arrival groups recently and lots of people going in to service most of podium are now on 6 day weeks and I have picked up a 7th day tomorrow Assigning so it is going to be another busy week but I will try to not leave it quite as long before I post again.

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20th May 2012

Assigner Training

This week was all about Assigner training – all 50 hours of it. The Assigner allocates tables to groups of people coming into the restaurant. The idea is to make sure the servers all get roughly the same number of tables and that none of them are overwhelmed with too many guests. At the same time you have to balance making sure reservations are sat as soon as possible with getting extra walk in parties in to make sure the restaurant is as full as possible. To make it slightly more difficult we also accept requests for tables in the inside or outside sections of the restaurant and you need to try and fulfil as many of these as possible.

Initially I was following Janet, our permanent Assigner, and then slowly I started taking over. The first couple of days went OK but on the third day we were hit by a big storm which meant that nobody left the restaurant and I had not stopped the walk ins early enough causing some people to have very long waits. I felt really bad and in the end Janet had to help dig me out. I went home feeling pretty bad but the next day I came back determined to do better. We had an amazing lunch where we got lots of walk ins into the restaurant and the servers were nice and busy. I even got a GSF card from one of the servers for good Assigning while training! Dinner was also good which increased my confidence. On Thursday I was trained by Dave instead and he mostly left me to get on with it, giving me advice where I needed it. My first proper shift is next Friday for EMH before Memorial Day – we’ll just have to see how it goes!

Due to my schedule changing to accommodate my training I finished the week with 3 days off. On Friday I went to MK with G, Becky and Rob although it was pretty busy so we did not do too much. We were really just killing time until we headed over to the Polynesian for Cocktails for Katie’s birthday. It was lots of fun, I had a really nice cocktail and got to watch Wishes from the Poly beach which is always a lovely experience.

Star Wars weekends started this weekend so on Saturday Craig and I went nice and early to see what was happening. We met Jedi Mickey and saw lots of other characters before watching Indy. Craig had to head to work so I wandered across the studios to meet Sam who was there with her mum, we ate on Sunset and rode Muppets before meeting Jaci and her friend Ashley. Sam and her mum went shopping and the three of us rode Toy Story and Star Tours before meeting Lesley and doing the Backlot Tour and being attacked/photographed with Storm Troopers. We did GMR and then watched Indy (again) before getting a spot for the Hyperspace Hoopla. This is the closing show for Star Wars weekends which includes the YouTube sensation of “Dance Off with the Star Wars Stars”. Last year it moved from the small Star Tours stage to a massive stage in front of the hat – you can see why, it was so busy! The show was awesome, I have included a video below for anyone who won’t be able to make it but I recommend seeing it for real to get the full effect. We are going to go back next Sunday so we can get front row position!

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