12th Mar 2012

Disney CRP Packing List

Packing is hard. To help, here is a list of everything I have packed! At the moment I have one piece of main baggage and one piece of hand luggage.

Packing in Main Luggage

  • T-Shirts
  • Shorts
  • Jeans
  • Smart Trousers – for Traditions and Classes
  • Short-sleeved Shirts – for Traditions and Classes
  • Sweatshirts – it can get cold in Winter time and in the air-con
  • Long-Sleeve T-shirts – great for days when it is warm, but not that warm
  • Casual shirts
  • Swimming Trunks – almost forgot these… VITAL
  • Underwear
  • Socks – I have taken some trainer socks and some normal socks
  • Trainers
  • Smart Shoes
  • Sandals – nice for really hot days and time by the pool
  • Towel – to keep weight down I’ll buy a swimming towel there
  • Pyjamas
  • Power adapters – I would recommend a couple so you can charge your phone and use your laptop at the same time, they are pretty cheap on Amazon
  • WiFi Router – This is a difficult one, your apartment may have one already and they are cheap to buy out there but if you have a lightweight one already I would take it so you can get internet straight away when you get there. 
  • Network Cable A cable is pretty cheap and lightweight, at least you could get online with that as soon as you arrive and then sort out a router later. Amazon have them cheap.
  • Padlock – another difficult one, you need one to lock the locker in your apartment. I would recommend a combination one so that you don’t have to remember (or lose) a key. Easily available in WalMart but if you have one you might as well take it and save a few dollars.
  • Toiletries
    • All the usual stuff plus:
    • Sunscreen – probably won’t need it after a few weeks but getting burnt early on is horrible
    • Good razor/shaving stuff – Gents, You will have to shave well and often so make sure you have something that is not irritating

Packing in Hand Lugagge

  • Laptop – you will want one, there are computer rooms but access times can be pretty limited
  • Camera
  • Chargers – These could go in your main luggage if you wanted but imagine if they got lost…
  • US SIM CardRead my full post on my recommendations for SIM card and mobile plans
  • US Dollar Cash Card – Full post for my suggestions
  • Passport
  • I-797B Form (the visa form from Disney)
  • I-94 Card (White Card from Disney) – not crucial, you can get a new one on the plane
  • Program Fee Confirmation – Print off the confirmation from the website after you have paid
  • Disney On-Boarding Paperwork – Follow the link in the Disney email and print these off, the current instructions say do not staple them together.
  • Proof of Insurance – The Certificate or Letter from the Insurance Company to show you have sufficient medical insurance
  • Disney Job Offer Letter – The original job offer letter in the first pack on information from Disney
  • Original Birth Certificate – Needed to get a Social Security Card
  • Social Security Card – If you have one from a previous job in the USA
  • Booking Confirmations for any transfer from the Airport or Hotel you have booked
  • Copies of all documents (also leave one with someone at home)
  • Pens – you have a few documents to complete on the plane, lots of people forget so bring some spares and share them around

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6th Mar 2012

Disney CRP Countdown – 14 days

Piles of clothes ready to pack

I am the next arrival group! The weeks are really flying by now and the excitement is starting to kick in. Today I actually started getting clothes and stuff together to start thinking (only thinking though!) about packing.

I would be lying if I said that I have not had a few wobbly moments in the last few weeks where I have had a long hard think about whether ‘running away’ for a year is the right thing to do and whether a third program will live up to my expectations but that is now behind me and I am sure that I am making the right decision and who knows where a year at WDW could lead. I am very excited to get started now and I can’t wait to get out of this horrible drizzly rain!

As you can see from the picture I have started to get together stuff to pack, mostly to work out whether it will all fit in one bag or whether I am going to need two. So far that is a work in progress but I will let you know how I get on. I have so far impressed myself by not suddenly realising I don’t have something crucial but it is sure to happen at some point, I have probably jinxed it now!

The one thing I have bought this week is power adapters so I can plug in all my electronic things (phone, laptop etc) when I get over to the states. I wanted to buy a couple so I can charge my phone and use my laptop at the same time but when I went on eBay it was actually cheaper to buy a pack of 5 than to buy 2 so I will shortly be swimming in USA-UK power adapters.

I am hoping to start packing properly at the end of this week or the beginning of next week and I will be sure to do a proper packing post with a packing list and my hints and tips on things to remember to pack. My summer ICP one can be found here if you just can’t wait!

The goodbyes have begun already though – my sister came home from uni last weekend so we could celebrate both our birthdays with the family. When she left that was the last time I will see her before I go which was a bit of a surreal moment. It is just the first of a lot of goodbyes though so I guess I had better get used to it.

The 6th March group including Katie, Sammie, Corin, Tom and Jon left today and I wish them the best of luck and I can’t wait to meet them (and everyone else) in a couple of weeks time.

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