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22nd Apr 2013

Booking Time Off on the Disney CRP


Booking time off seems to be very confusing for people so I am going to break down the basics and explain how it all works.

What are the different types of time off?

There are 3 different types of time off – Vacation, Floating Holiday and Sick Pay. You earn each of these as the program goes on.

Vacation is earned based on the hours you have worked – you can get up to 40 hours (5 days) per calendar year. You get 8 hours of vacation for each 360 hours worked.

You get 3 days of Floating Holiday per calendar year – these are given to you on March 1st, June 1st and September 1st.

Sick Pay is earned similar to vacation – you get 8 hours for every 300 hours worked up to a total of 48 hours (6 days) per year.

If your program takes you in to a new calendar year (January) you Vacation and Sick Pay roll over but your Floating Holiday does not. Any Vacation and Sick Pay left at the end of your program will be paid to you – Floating Holiday will not. Because of this it is almost always better to use your Floating Holiday first before vacation or sick pay.

You sick pay will be used up if you call in sick but it can also be used to pick up time off. You can always check how much you have left of all 3 types on the Hub.

What about ADOs?

Authorised Days Off (ADOs) are a day off without pay. They are in addition to your vacation and sick pay. You can only take 1 in a week in addition to your RDOs (Regular Days Off). These are at the discretion of management.

When can you book time off?

Technically you cannot book vacation until you have been on the program 9 months. In reality this means you cannot get paid vacation until you have been there 9 months – you may be able to book unpaid vacation. If you put a request in as a vacation before 9 months it will be assumed to be unpaid vacation time.

Every year in November/December there is a vacation bid. At this time you can put any vacation requests in for the next year and they are considered in order of seniority (starting with the people who have been at the location the longest to the newest). This is the best time to put vacation requests in.

For each day of the year there is a vacation allowance – for example 3 people can have each day off. Once those are taken everyone else who asks will be waitlisted – unless one of those people cancels their request you are unlikely to have the time approved. In the vacation bid nobody can already have asked for the day so assuming you have fairly high seniority you have a good chance of having the time approved – you can always cancel the request later if you change your mind.

Also bear in mind all time off requests must be in the hub 2 weeks in advance, before the schedule comes out. Anything after that time will be ignored.

What about switching shifts?

You can always switch shifts to get time off but there are a few rules to stick by. You must still be being paid 30 hours of work per week (Sunday – Saturday) – this includes Floating Holiday and Vacation Pay (8 hours each).

Also any switch cannot result in a higher cost to Disney. So for example if your shift gave the other person a 6th day instead of your 5th day it would be overtime instead of straight time and cost Disney more, this request would be denied. Also anything that goes from a straight time shift (less than 8 hours) to an overtime shift (over 8 hours) would also be denied. The same if it went from someone being under 40 hours (straight time) to being over 40 hours (Overtime).

Anyone in a tipped position (Server, Bartender, Food Runner) can sign a waiver which means they do not get paid overtime and can therefore pick up shifts that would otherwise result in overtime. In a non-tipped position it is necessary to find someone who would not go in to overtime.

All of these restrictions can be overridden by management but it is not guaranteed. For urgent requests speaking to management may help.

I just want to do something on my regular days off

Your regular days off are not guaranteed. At busy times of year you may lose one and end up working 6 days a week. If you are planning something on an RDO put a request in for that week which just has your RDOs and you working every other day. If it is approved as a request on the Hub it is then guaranteed. A lot of people were caught out by this around Christmas – put the request in and get it guaranteed.

As with all my advice, please bear in mind that things do change and while this was correct for my program policies and procedures change all the time. Always speak to management before acting on any of this information.

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14th Apr 2013

Fantastic February & March Madness on the Disney CRP


It has been 3 months since my last confession… Sorry readers, CRP life has a habit of catching up with you and not letting you go!

Today I leave Orlando at the end of my program – it has been an incredible year and I can honestly say I have made friends and memories that will hopefully last a long time. I can’t possibly hope to include everything that has happened in the last few months in a single post but I am going to include the major highlights. I will be writing another post about the whole year in the next few days when I have time to get settled back home and look back on my whole year.

I will admit that up until February I made a note in my Calendar of what I did each day to make writing this a little easier – I seem to have forgotten to do that so I am piecing this together a little!

IMG_4495I left off at the end of January… That week one of my days off was spent at WonderWorks on International Drive which I must admit would not have been my first choice but was actually a lot of fun – we were there for over 3 hours! It has loads of weird exhibits and a bubble room where you get to try and stand inside a bubble! Needless to say a lot of fun was had by all!

The next week we went to Hard Rock at Universal to see the magician’s Penn and Teller – I have always wanted to see them live and I must say I was not disappointed  Although I had seen a few of the acts before there was quite a bit of new stuff and going with a load of UKs of course made the whole thing more fun.

I worked 6 day weeks for the next couple of weeks as I picked up shifts from people so it was all a bit crazy but my friend Alice from my 2009 program came to visit and we spent most of the day reliving good times and exploring Magic Kingdom and Epcot before she had to leave and I spent the evening with the December arrival group having Dinner at the Rose & Crown – It was really nice to spend time with everyone just chilling out.

The week later my Parents were here so I spent 3 days staying in Coronado Springs which was absolutely lovely – I got to take them all over the parks as well as eating in 2 Signature restaurants. But before the arrived monday night Lads was a Lasses takeover – I don’t want to give too much away but if you ever get to go to a Lads/Lasses takeover do it! They have been some of the best nights of my program and being fed mysterious pink alcohol by Kim will be an enduring memory of my program – in a very good way! While they were here I also rented a car – It is a godsend having a car, the busses are generally OK but they take ages to get anywhere and if you decide to do something last minute you can wait 45 minutes for a bus before you can even start going anywhere. I am going to write an advice post on renting a car with some tips for this as well.

IMG_4663The end of that week was my Birthday. On the Saturday night I of course went to Cowboys which I must admit got a little messy but it was lovely to spend my birthday with all of my friends. It was also the March 6thers last so they did their last song as well which made for a really nice night. The next day, my actual birthday, I went to MK with Emma Spears where we did all the usual stuff and we discovered Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom which is a game that you play all around MK trying to defeat villains using spell cards that you can collect and buy. We did not entirely understand what we were doing a lot of the time but it was fun and kind of addictive – we have definitely been back since to collect more cards and play again. In the evening I had made reservations at 50s Prime Time which was awesome, I had originally planned to go out after but after a day in the parks and feeling a little delicate from the night before I decided to get an early night.

IMG_4961That Wednesday was G’s arrival group’s last day but it was also the day that I found out that there had been a mistake in my program extension and it had not been processed – as far as they were concerned I was leaving in 2 weeks. Cue a lot of arguing and phone calls and emails and 60 hours of waiting before it was all finally straightened out – it was a very stressful few days before it was all resolved. On Wednesday before I knew what was happening I decided to go to Fantasmic with Alex and Tom just in case it was going to be my last one. We ended up sitting in the very front row and I got some absolutely amazing photos – in the end it wasn’t my last but if it had been I would have been very happy.

IMG_2652The next couple of weeks I decided to make the most of the end of my program and go out and do as much as possible. I went out on a lot of nights out with some really good friends. March 7th was our graduation. Our group and the 2 after all graduated together which was nice as we often don’t see that much of each other. Graduation itself was the standard photos with the characters and free food. Afterwards we went to watch Wishes and then went to watch Hoop Dee Doo (again) at Fort Wilderness. The show was good and our server was a lot better than the last time – we definitely had a few drinks each this time! Afterwards I went out to Sun On The Beach (SOB) where there was plenty of drama to keep the whole pavilion entertained!

The following week it felt like everything started to come to an end – Monday was my arrival group’s last Lads and Lasses which was a really nice sendoff – I definitely shed a few tears. It was very weird for them to all be leaving and me to be staying. On Wednesday Emma and I went to Fort Wilderness where we rented one of the Speedracer boats – it was loads of fun and only came to about $20. We got to go all around Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon, something I had never done before… it was awesome. I also showed Emma where you can see River Country, the old Water Park at Fort Wilderness – Disney Keeno moment right there.

IMG_5423That Thursday I organised another big outing for breakfast at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian – it was definitely my most successful of the year, if I say so myself! There were 18 of us and we got photos and filled ourselves up before heading out for a day of fun in the parks where Bryony took me to see a load of shows including the Lion King at AK which is one of my favourites.

The next week I went to Mickey’s Backyard Barbecue with Alex and Bryony which is a barbecue buffet at Fort Wilderness. The food was awesome, the show not so much. But we did get a pretty awesome discount and we managed to make it over to Magic Kingdom for the parade and pixie dust for the girls.

That weekend was my ‘offical’ last – As I extended I was leaving by myself and there was an arrival group the week before. In order to not bore people with last everything two weeks in a row we agreed I would do everything a week early. Last Cowboys was awesome, with plenty of tears and last Lads, held at Mark’s house was really nice with more of a house party feel than a crazy party. It was a really nice sendoff.

And that was the end of March… that just left me with a couple of weeks left before I returned home to the UK :-(. All that in another post to come!

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