7th Oct 2011

Disney Mail

Disney CRP Pack

I have been waiting a long time but this week I finally received my Disney pack. I must admit to being a tiny bit disappointed, it only contained my job offer letter and the Disney Look book. When compared to previous years’ bulging pack of documents is a bit boring but I guess sending a link to the documents online instead of printing them out thousands of times is better for the environment! I am just pleased that I finally have in writing my job offer, I was starting to think I might have imagined it all.

I love reading the Disney Look book, my personal favourite is the section on sideburns which at first glance definitely looks like it is showing acceptable ears! The letter also explained the Food and Beverage handling requirements of trimmed nails and no jewellery or watches when at work – we were told this at our presentation but I must admit I had forgotten. I have always worn a watch at work so I think that might take a bit of getting used to but I’m sure I’ll manage.

Disney Look Sideburns

To go with the pack I also received an email from Disney International Recruiting with a link to a video from Chris and Tony who are two characters that the International Programs are using to share important information about the program with participants. It is a little cringe-worthy at times but it, and the following videos in the series, do give answers to a lot of the questions I had on my first two programs – well done Disney for embracing the YouTube generation. Chris and Tony may just beat Valerie in the International Programs video hall of fame (I never thought that was possible).

I also received another email from International Recruiting this week that announced the launch of the Disney Internships and Programs Blog – Disney has finally got a CP/ICP/CRP blog. Unofficial ones have been around for over 6 years now and it is nice to see an official blog finally appear. Here at Dan@Disney Towers we hope that you will continue to enjoy reading both the unofficial blogs as well as the information coming straight from International Recruiting.

I received several messages with questions about phones and SIM cards this week, both via our contact form and on Facebook. I have quite a bit of advice to give here and I am working on a post with all the information at the moment, hopefully it will be on the blog this week. In the meantime check out section 4 of 10 Tips to prepare for your Disney ICP that I wrote in 2009, it is a bit out of date as it does not include iPhones or blackberries but it might be helpful.

If you have any other questions feel free to send them in and I will try to help you get an answer.

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