15th Mar 2012

Disney CRP Countdown – 5 days

I leave on Tuesday… wow! This week has not been great however, I have been really ill with a fluey stomach bug. It started on Saturday and just would not go away – I am never ill for more than a day so it was really weird.

I finally got to the doctor yesterday and was told it is a Norovirus which is apparently really hard to shake off (great!) but they did give me various drugs that have made things 100 times better and hopefully I should be fully over it by the weekend. Was a little worried for a while that the Disney Dream might be over but since I am now feeling better things are looking good again. The only slight downside of being on the medication is that it might mean no drinking for a while when I arrive in Florida.

The result of all of this has been that my preparations have been slightly delayed. I have still not actually finished packing my bag although I have arranged all my paperwork in a logical order in a folder (OCD much?) – the joys of being stuck in bed. This week all of us on the same flight also booked Mears Transportation for when we arrive. We decided that since we arrive at 5pm instead of 4pm because Florida is already on Daylight Savings, we should book to get out of the airport and on our way to housing that little bit quicker.

I am back and excited again after this week’s little scare – can’t wait to get started now.

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