21st Jun 2009

So, I am wide awake at 5am – Must be Jet Lag!

(To explain the title of the post – I told the others yesterday that they would be wide awake at 5am due to their Jet Leg and true to form I got a text from Alice just before to say she is awake and has no idea what to do with herself!)

We left off mid-Atlantic. The rest of the flight over was pretty uneventful and we landed about 15 minutes early and managed to beat the Virgin flight – result! Immigration was pretty hassle-free. Rachel and I were dealt with at the desk so were through in just a few minutes. Alice and Luke had to go into the back room but they were out really quickly since we were ahead of the Virgin flight and it was not very busy.

We collected our bags and went through customs to the train to the main building. As we got there I went to get out my Mears confirmation and realised that I could not find the folder with all of my important documents in. A little panicked I thought I must have left them in the baggage hall and went back to look. A really nice woman from British Airways helped me look and of course it turned out I had just put them in a different pocket in my bag! Panic over we headed to the shuttle and only waited about 20 mins before heading to Vista. It only took 2 hours from the plane touching down to us arriving at Vista which was pretty impressive.

After the usual introduction video we were given our assignment. I was the only one in Pattterson Court, the girls were in Chatham and Luke was in Vista. The CS and PC people got in a van and headed over. I was the last drop-off so had a guided tour of the whole of Chatham! I got to see my old building though – which was nice.

Eventually I got to my apartment. When I arrived nobody was home but they had left a really nice note and my roomate (Dan from England – yep this is going to get confusing!) left another one. Eventually I met a few of my roomates – It turns out there are 3 French guys – Laurent, Eddy and Hedley and 2 English guys – Dan and Nick. I have not met Nick yet but the others all seem really nice.

The evening was spent on the standard trip to WalMart, I needed to buy bedding and a few other bits and pieces. The buses were packed but luckily after last year I knew to get there early and was close to the front of the line so managed to get a seat.

I got home and by this point realised I had been awake about 22 hours. I had a quick shower and headed straight to bed. I have to be in at 10.00 today but most of the other people from my flight are in at 12.00. I think the plan is to meet-up after we are all done today but we will see what happens.

The journey has begun and it feels so good to be back!

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