16th Apr 2009

ICP Shifts – We work for how long?!

I’ve had a couple of people asking me this week about how many hours a week ICPs work and at what times of day. This is a difficult question to answer, it varies hugely depending on which Line of Business (Ops, Merch, F&B, Entertainment etc) that you work in and which location you work at. There are however a few general points that I can make.

ICPs often working closing shifts and we guaranteed at least 30 hours a week. During the summer we will likely work more hours than this. You will usually work between about 6 and 10 hours a day although you may occasionally have longer shifts. To get an idea of how late you might be working take a look at the park opening hours here. Merchandise may finish a little later since most merchandise locations are open until all of the guests are out of the park which can be a little later than the official park closing time. The same is possible in the other LOBs depending on the location.

I hope this information is helpful, if you do have any questions on this or any other topic drop me an email @ wdwicpuog@gmail.com

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14th Apr 2009

10 Tips to prepare for your Disney ICP

I got a question sent to me this week about what things people always forget to take. So that everybody can get the information I thought I would post my musings on here – Some of this is covered in my vlog www.youtube.com/user/win1012003

1. Remember to pay your Program Assessment Fee (PAF)

You can do this online at www.disneyurl.com/InternationalPAFs. You can pay it in cash on arrival but in my opinion it is better to pay beforehand and it is one less thing to worry about when you get there. It is $100 and they accept almost any card you care to think of!

2. Sort out Insurance

***They will not let you do the Program if you do not have sufficient insurance***

Yummy Jobs recommend Seven Corners which is a little pricey but certainly covers you for everything you need. If you do want to shop around make sure that whatever insurance you get covers you for the minimum J1 requirements as shown on the Yummy Job documents, also check that you are covered for working (A quick phone call to the company can usually clear this up!)

3. Cash Card

Accessing cash from abroad can be expensive. Most cards charge 2 or 3% on every transaction. Once you are in the states you can open a Partners (Disney’s bank) account and pay your wages in there. However if you want to spend some of your UK savings it might be an idea to get a US dollar card from a UK bank or building society (I think the post office do one as well) – These allow you to pay pounds to the bank who convert the money to dollars and put a balance on your card. You then use the card in the states just as you would with any other card. When you run out of money you just ring the bank, pay some more money and they put more money on your card.

4. SIM Card

Calls from a UK mobile will be SOO expensive. You have 2 options here: Wait and buy a phone out there (It is difficult to buy just a SIM in the states) or order a US SIM before you go. I would recommend option 2. That way you can use it straight away as soon as you land plus you can give everybody your number before you leave. I got mine from www.telestial.com last year (and will again this year), they offer a number of options some with free credit so take a look around. Remember you pay to make and receive calls in the states.

Edit: If you are going to use this method you will need to make sure that your phone is unlocked to any network – This costs about £10.

5. Sunglasses

A must if you are working outside (and Disney look allows). You probably already have a pair but make sure they are Disney Look. Check the documents Yummy Jobs sent as well as information on the US College Program website to make sure yours fit the guidelines. They are very strict about it. You can buy some at Wal*Mart when you are out there but you might not have time in the first few days and there might not be much choice of styles!

6. Underwear! (Mainly for Custodial)

Custodial Cast members get to wear lovely white costumes. However you can’t wear dark underwear underneath so it might be an idea to make sure you take some white underwear so that you are ready.

7. Socks (White & Black)

Depending on your work location you will be required to wear either white or black socks. You won’t know which ones you will need until you get there so it is worth taking a selection of both just to make sure you are covered.

8. Camera

There will be so many photo opportunities. Don’t miss out on memories of a lifetime. You will have a locker to keep it safe so bring it along!

9. Padlock

The lockers in the rooms need a padlock. If you bring one with you can lock your stuff away straight away otherwise you have to leave your stuff out while you go to buy one!

10. Alarm Clock

Punctuality is important. Phones, iPods etc can be a bit unreliable as alarm clocks since you have to remember to set them and they can run out of battery. A cheap travel alarm clock (£5 – £10) will never need charging and should wake you up every morning!

This is only a selection of the things you need to remember. Don’t forget all your documents and double check all of the paperwork from Yummy Jobs and Disney. You don’t want to get 4000 miles away and realise you forgot something – it is a long way home!

Any questions drop me an email: wdwicpuog@gmail.com or post a comment

Have a magical one 🙂

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