2nd Jul 2009

Train training…

Another 2 days of training – this time we had one day of opening the mountain from Storage and yesterday I actually got to sleep in past 8am since we were closing the mountain. Luke and I went to MK the other night for a spot of Spectro and Wishes fun, it was really not that busy, I guess people are leaving it until the last minute to come down for the 4th July.

After close last night we had the mountain to ourselves so that we could run around and learn all of the evac and reset routes and not get lost in the mountain. It was actually quite fun and the Magic Kingdom is really cool when there is nobody there although it is a little spooky walking through Frontierland and seeing all kinds of animals just wandering around.

I managed to fall asleep on the bus on the way back from MK last night and woke up to find myself at Vista much to the amusement of the driver and I then had to get on a bus back to Chatham – fun times – I think it is just an indication of how little sleep I have had for the last week but anyway I am awake and feel refreshed.

This afternoon I have my assessment which is a multiple choice test along with demonstrating that I know what all of the positions involve. Wish me luck…

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