29th Aug 2009

Thoughts on the end of a 2nd Disney ICP

Cinderella Castle Clock

I am currently sitting on BA2036 returning to London after another 2 and a half months of work at the Walt Disney World Resort. Looking back at my blog I have realised that the last few weeks have not exactly been great blog-wise – I do apologise – my last few weeks of work were 6 day weeks and I worked in excess of 60 hours a week. I can’t deny that this was hard work and at times I had less than 4 hours sleep between shifts. My paychecks have however been a lot better than last year and despite spending over $200 on a night at the Contemporary I am still coming home with over $700 and 1 more paycheck yet to come – another summer that will just about pay for itself.

The last few days have been a lot of fun. On Wednesday before my last shift I got up at around 6am and headed to Chatham security with my luggage. I had planned to call a cab but when I got out there was one sitting right there. As we were about to pull away a CRP in a AKL costume came running up and asked for a cab number from the driver – she had missed the bus – he suggested we shared the cab since AKL and All Star are just around the corner from each other. I did not mind, it made the cab cheaper for both of us and I was not really in a hurry. I checked in and left my bags and headed to MK to watch Welcome Show before I started my 10.45 shift. I played around on Main Street for a while before going backstage to change. My last shift was pretty uneventful, no downtimes, no evacs, nothing of note. But that was fine – I was just happy to be finished. I had to dash back to Chatham to hand in my ID and Key before 8pm when the Front Desk closed – I got there with 30 minutes to spare! After that I needed another cab back to All Star Movies since I could not use Transportation now that I had handed in my ID. I called for one and it came pretty quickly. I went to my room in All Star and I literally collapsed on the bed – I was exhausted. I had just worked 8 days straight with little-to-no sleep most nights. I sat in my room, plugged in my laptop, turned on the TV and ordered room service Pizza. I had loads of trouble getting online but eventually a call to Guest Relations sorted it all out and in the end I got it for free! I love ‘Immediate Service Recovery’!

The next morning I got up early to have my bags sent over to the Contemporary while I went to the studios in time for opening. I did Coaster 3 times and Tower once and then realised that there was really not anything else I wanted to do. I then went over to MK to see all the Thunder people for one last time and do loads of shopping for presents at the Emporium – after watching CDCT which was a non-stop approaching inclement weather version I headed to the Contemporary as I once again realised there was nothing I really wanted to do. It is definitely time to go home when you realised that you have done everything you want to do – this makes me happy – I am leaving contented.

Upon arrival at the Contemporary my Key to the World card would not let me in my room so I went down to the Front Desk for a replacement which also did not work! To cut a long story short 7 cards and 2 engineers later they gave me an override Key Card which let me get in and out of my room. At about 8 I went over to the GF to meet Alice and her boyfriend so that we could watch Wishes from their MK-view room. Much fun was had although it was sad to say goodbye to Alice and know that it could be months until I see her again. It was then back to the Contemporary for the most amazing night’s sleep I have had in quite a long time. If I ever have the cash I am coming to WDW as a guest and stay at the Contemp for a week!

This morning I got up and went over to MK for some last-minute gifts for my sister and one last ride on Thunder. It was the DME to the airport. I bumped into Luke and Rachel as well as one of my Managers in the Departure Lounge which was a really nice way to end the whole experience.

To conclude this blog and sum up the summer – It has been fun, it has been hard, I have met some amazing people and at least in part it lived up to my expectations. Was it better than the first time? It was certainly different, which was better is hard to say – work was better last time but I have made much closer friends this time around. As with everything to do with the Disney ICP there are pros and cons but in my mind the pros for this summer definitely outweigh the cons…

From the mid-Atlantic on the way home from the ‘Place Where Dreams Come True’, this is Dan Winer, signing off from ICP #2…

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