26th Jul 2009

Jack’s Last Day in the Mountains

Today was one of my managers’ last day in the area. Jack is going back to AdLib tomorrow. He will be missed – he is a lot of fun. I will definitely be popping into the Jungle Cruise to say hi!

This morning was spent around Chatham doing laundry where I managed to shrink a load of T-shirts thanks to the ‘wonderful’ facilities available! I also had to head to work really early due to the crazy bus schedule around 4pm although I did bump into Michelle on the bus and we chatted and sat in the Mousketeeria together until we both had to head up to Thunder.

Today was the last day of ENCORE which Louisa was in and it was also studios cast appreciation evening with Tower and Coaster with the lights on – both were around 8pm. I asked for an ER but never really expected it and it was of course denied. Apparently there is going to be an ENCORE dvd and I have done Coaster and Tower with the lights on before so I guess I did not miss much but it still feels like rotten luck.

Work today was nothing special. I did a lot of different positions with a nice long stint in tower and I finished the night at return which was fun since I got to watch Wishes and it was pretty quiet. I did have a few guests have a go at me but I have got to the point now where I no longer take it personally and I can move on once they have left.

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