22nd Jul 2009

I have an American Accent?!

2nd shift of my crazy 2 day week… Work was not to bad – quite a lot of fastpass return which was a little crazy but not too terrible. We had a downtime and I got to do another B-lift evac which was fun. It was almost all British guests on the train so they loved my accent although one did say I sounded like an American which is a little worrying since I have only been here 4 weeks and managed 9 last year without picking up an accent at all! I was really annoyed because I got my break just as I was about to head out to do the reset. In the end I ended up in tower for the reset when I came back from break which was actually really fun – I love resets in tower – lots of talking and the feeling of being in control!

The rest of the shift was pretty uneventful and finishing early was a bonus – lots of space on the A bus and I could actually get a proper night’s sleep!

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