4th Jun 2009

Exams are over! 16 days until my Disney ICP

Woohoo! Had my last exam this morning – possibly did not go the best but I am putting that behind me and it is now time to focus on departure for Disney.

Last night I managed to grab a quick chat with Kev and Rich which made me even more excited and jealous! Disney ICP here I come!

I am heading back to London on Saturday so this evening was spent packing and tidying my room which was completed in under 2 hours which I feel is probably some kind of world record and deserves a prize or at least a medal! Tomorrow is the University Summerball – 12 hours of craziness in a field – which should be a nice end to the term and a time to undoubtedly get inundated with Disney merch requests from all my friends.

I am really hoping that this summer will be as great as the last one and that I have done well enough in my exams to not have to worry about them – results are out on the 7th July so I may well be a nervous wreck until that point! Apologies in advance!

I sent an email to Roger from Disney International Recruiting requesting a specific location for the summer (I am not telling you where though just in case I jinx it…) and got the cryptic reply of ‘We will do our best to meet your requests but remember, nothing is guaranteed….at the same time, I think you will be pleasantly surprised…..;)’ – which has just got my excited, intrigued and nervous all at the same time, less than 3 weeks until I find out now though, so fingers crossed I get what I was hoping for…

I think it might be time to pay my PAF at some point this week although I may put it off until the last minute since the exchange rate keeps getting better and better! If it reached 1.7 it is going to make for a much cheaper summer than I had anticipated. Result!

I wish the best of luck to all the 2nd Juners doing Traditions tomorrow and 21sters only 16 days to go – I for one can’t wait…

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