12th Jun 2009

Disney ICP Countdown – 9 days to go… Maybe I should think about packing?

Single Figures!!

This week has been all about the Disney ICP (and sleeping (!) but mostly about the ICP :-p). I decided that we had reached the point to pay my PAF – I got my confirmation reply – I am definitely going!

I decided that since I have not yet managed to find out where I am working that I would hedge my bets and go and buy some work shoes. After 2 trips to the shopping centre and an epic few hours spent shopping I finally managed to buy a pair of boots (lets just hope I get the position now…).

After last year I decided I was definitely pre-booking a Mears Shuttle again this year – a few other people on my flight are doing the same so with a bit of luck travel through OIA should be relatively smooth.

My to-do list is still crazily long but I still have a week…

The excitement is really building now and the news from the people already out there just adds to the impatience.

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