3rd Jul 2009

Check Out…

Had my assessment today and guess what… I passed! The day was not however what you would call uneventful.

I arrived and did the written test which was not too difficult since we had been given it yesterday and gone over the difficult questions. Once Sarah has marked my paper (I got one question wrong, I should have chosen A and C and I only chose A!) we went on to the practical portion starting at Fastpass return which was fine, and then moved on to Wheelchair Assist and Spur Unload which were also not too much of a problem, a few little mistakes but nothing major. I then had to do grouper which was fine until I had a run of parties of 7 or more which really screwed with my head and there were also loads of wheelchairs which just got me confused. In the end it was fine but I would hardly call it my greatest work…

This was followed by dispatch which was uneventful. Tower was next which was no problem for about the first 5 minutes but then alarms were going off everywhere and we then went 101 as a result of a ‘non-resettable ride cascade’ which meant my assessment was over since we could not do anything else. It was interesting to see the evac especially since it was the first time I had seen Reedy Creek need to be called to evac a guest. After that it was onto formalities and eventually I was signed off as a trained cast member and put into normal rotation.

The rest of the day was fine, I did a bit of grouper, a bit of unload and dispatch and a lot of Main Exit which is a pretty boring but easy position.

Got 2 days off now and will hopefully be heading to MK tomorrow for the 4th July fireworks.

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