12th Aug 2009

Busy Day at MK

Last few days of work have been pretty boring and uneventful – I am working 60 hours this week so my shifts are long and I don’t have much time to relax but I only have 14 shifts left so I think I can manage!

Today Alice and I headed to MK from our standard 10am meet at the Bus Stop. I had managed to get reservations at Tony’s for Lunch so the day was pretty much planned around that. We arrived in MK and headed for our standard Mansion, Philhar, Pirates combo only to discover all had significant waits of at least 20 minutes. MK was seriously busy! I also really needed a haircut so we headed to Harmony but it also had a crazy line. We killed time shopping around until our reservation time – well actually a little early. We ate a delicious lunch at Tony’s – much enjoyed although Alice had to get a to-go box for her pizza as she just could not finish it!

We then headed back to the Barbers waited about 10 minutes before deciding the wait was crazy and that we would head to the Contemporary for a haircut there. The Salon there is AMAZING! It cost $10 for a great haircut – much better than Main Street and Alice even had a bit of a trim and hers also cost $10 – bargain! We did a bit of Monorail resort hopping with a quick stop at the Poly before heading back to MK and then giving up on the craziness and heading to DHS.

DHS was busy but not quite as bad although in the end we really only did Star Tours and Mania before giving up due to the crazy heat. It has been hot the last few days and I mean seriously hot – 95 degrees in the shade!

Back to work tomorrow for 6 days before my next day off – got my eyes on the prize at the moment – booked my last night in the Contemporary and after a quick visit today I am more excited than ever!

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