2nd May 2009

50 days…Swine Flu Fears

That’s right, just 50 days until I leave for Orlando.

This week the big news has been the spread of Swine Flu from Mexico to the USA and around the world. Initial reports suggested that there had been a case at WDW but it appears that those were false. I have noticed on forums, facebook etc that some ICPs have been getting very worried about it. Personally I am not worried about it yet, these types of things change very quickly and it is still nearly 2 months until I leave. At the moment there are no reported cases in Florida and the summer months are the time of year that Flu is least prevelant so hopefully it will all be a bit of a storm in a teacup.

I finish my lectures this week and have 4 assesments due in (!). I am typing this sitting in the University library while I should really be getting on with them! Then it is just onto exams and then onto the magic! Hopefully I will get another couple of vlogs out before we leave for Orlando, I have just been a bit short of topics and time.

Good luck to everybody who leaves for WDW tomorrow. I am more jealous than you can ever imagine.

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