May, 2018

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27th May 2018

The Walt Disney World Resort Hotel Challenge – Official Rules

Stay one night at every resort at Walt Disney World. When I was on the program I tried this but failed 🙁 It is such a fun challenge though. Here are the official rules:


  1. You are required to stay at least one night at each resort ( see list at the end for full details)
  2. This includes one night at each of the All Star Themes (Music, Movies, Sports)
  3. One night at each of the Port Orleans Themes (French Quarter, Riverside)
  4. You do not need to stay at the DCL Lodges at a resort that has normal hotel rooms (Bay Lake Tower, Boulder Ridge Villas, Copper Creek Villas, Jambo House, Kidani Village, Beach Club Villas, Boardwalk Villas, Polynesian Villas, Grand Floridian Villas)
  5. For Fort Wilderness either the Campsites or the Cabins are acceptable
  6. At each resort you must try at least one dining option (bars do not count but QSR does)
  7. You must get a photo with each resort icon or logo
  8. You must visit the feature pool at each resort (additional pools are bonuses)
  9. Special rooms e.g. Pirates or Princess rooms count as a normal visit – nice to have but not required
  10. For resorts with non-bus transportation you must try at least one option e.g. French Quarter boat to Springs, Polynesian Monorail to MK


Basically the only way you can complete this challenge is on a Disney Program. For one, you need Cast Member discount to make this affordable. It is best to aim for the Deluxe resorts in off season when you can get up to 60% off.

Last minute booking also sometimes work. When you’ve had a crappy day at work just log in and see what’s available! Just head straight in to work from the resort.

I only managed about 15 of the resorts on my program as I ran out of time .Start early and you will have no bother.

List Of Resorts




Deluxe Villas:

Have you tried the challenge? How did you get on? Are there any other rules you followed? Leave a comment below!

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